Dentist Laredo Your Mouth and Your Health

Laredo Dentist on the Mouth and Body Connection

It has been said that the mouth is the gateway to the body


And while that idea, literally and figuratively, is true- it also holds a lot of repercussions.


Many beneficial things, such as nourishment and medicine, can enter through the mouth- but as can other more detrimental factors. Every day your Laredo dentist has to treat the effects of bacteria, disease and more on the mouth- but the list and limits do not stop there.


Often times issues that start in the mouth can spread to the rest of the body or vice versa. And while some of these issues can have a relatively small footprint- others can involve serious health risks and long-term complications.


With that said, our Laredo dentist office has found one of the most comprehensive lists of issues that can disrupt not only your mouth but your health as well…


Click here to view a WebMD provided stunning slideshow and detailed information on over a dozen of the risks our mouths, as well as our bodies, face every day.


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