Dentist Laredo When to Floss

Laredo Cosmetic Dentist on Before or After

As a top Laredo cosmetic dentist, we see the unfortunate results and the negative impact that a lack of flossing can have on the mouth frequently. To coincide with your twice daily brushing regimen, we recommend flossing at least once a day to prevent periodontal (gum) and other related issues.


However, while brushing and flossing are usually coupled together, their exact sequence can be debatable. So when should you be flossing? Before or after brushing your teeth?




As many of us do with a number of obstacles that face us, from school, to work or other, placing the hard thing first may be best practice sometimes. If you get the high stress or effort activity (in this case, flossing) out of the way first, the following (brushing) may seem all that more easy. And while this is certainly a matter of perception, sometimes that can play a huge role. Not to mention, physically by flossing before brushing you can be loosening up some particles between the gums that the brush can help clean up after.




To play counterpoint to the “get the hard thing out of the way first” argument above, some believe this could lead to bad brushing habits. If you floss before brushing, sure, you got the hard work done, but then you may rush through your brushing or not pay as much attention to it. The feeling of “my work is done here” may set in and brushing may become lackluster or an afterthought at best. Besides the philosophical implications, flossing after brushing can benefit the teeth because it may work fluoride from the toothpaste into those hard to reach areas between the teeth and at the gums.


So when should I floss?!


Despite all the debate, no concrete evidence really supports either side of this argument. Really, the best time to be flossing is once daily- no matter before or after you brush. After just 24 hours of eating, tartar, bacteria and plaque can start to form in the mouth. But by utilizing your regulated regimen, no matter the order, you halt the growth of decay, disease, and worse potential damage your mouth could be on the end of.


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