Dentist Laredo What's Behind Dental Anxiety

Laredo Dentist on Deflating the Fear

As a top Laredo dentist, our office treats patients of all backgrounds, and all facing various types of adversities. One of the most detrimental issues that we see in some patients is called dental anxiety. And while most patients never really “love” coming to see the dentist, dental anxiety is a real, diagnosable issue.


There are different levels of this anxiety that range from those who just cancel an appointment because they do not want to come into office, to those who have a deep, nightmarish fear and avoid the dentist at all costs.


Patients experiencing this fear of the dentist, as you can imagine, suffer greatly. They do not seek our treatments or twice yearly recommended cleanings, leading to not only decay and poor cosmetic factors- but to deeper issues like structural damage and disease.


Besides figuring out ways to treat dental anxiety, researchers are also looking more into what makes it tick. They have found that anxiety can start with a simple avoidance of the doctor, and soon turn the patient into one that withdrawals from society on a number of levels. They also found that those with severe dental anxiety were more correlated to having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression, and other anxieties than just a fear of the dentist.


Behavioral therapy has proven to be an extreme help in treating these patients with anxiety issues. Other treatments like sedation therapy and many more are also being innovated for a more “physical approach.” One of the best and simple ways we have found to treat anxiety comes in the form of communication. By making sure a child starts to see a dentist young and has open discussions about treatment as they grow, anxiety can lessen and lessen- leading to a healthier overall life.


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