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While brainstorming for today’s entry and thinking about the previously stated, we thought of one place dental and whole body injuries can occur most: sports. With that said, today we will be looking at sports related mouth guards, and how they can prevent you from harm.


Every league, club, team and sports seems to have their own set of rules concerning mouth guard wear, but we strongly feel that all athletes involved can benefit. A dental incident can arise from any activity involving another person, surface or object- aka, all sports, so why not be better safe than sorry?


Mouth guards not only act as protectors of the teeth from harm like fractures or dislodgment, but they can also protect other parts of your body.


The parts of the human body rarely act as separate entities, but more as a whole bunch of systems interacting with each other. It is with that in mind that we see how blows to the head or body can not only knock a tooth out, but also can cause issues such as concussions, neck injury and other structural damage.


How we take a hit, including how we bite or grit down during it, as well as what we do right after can have huge implications on our health. Having a mouth guard in for such incidents helps with alignment and cushioning of the body to prevent greater damage.


What makes a great mouth guard then? Look for one that is easy to breathe in, allows you to communicate and that stays in place. Make sure it can be removed and cleaned easily to eliminate any dental related bacteria as well. Mouth guards covering the top teeth are usually the most popular, but whole-mouth covering options are also available, and are found especially beneficial in full contact sports.


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