Dentist Laredo Treatments on a Timeline

Dentist in Laredo Gets Your Ready in Time

Your dentist in Laredo knows that occasionally the time it takes for a treatment you are seeking to be successful might not exactly sync up with a timeline you have for an upcoming event. Living in the most social state the world has ever been in, we are all a simple text message away from dropping everything we had to do the rest of the week and seeing to something new instead. With that said, it is with some of these plan changes or big events we are saving our vacation time up for that we want our smile to look its best. Today we will discuss two time-sensitive treatments you can seek from our Laredo office.


For those “next week you HAVE to come with me to meet…” moments, you need a relatively quick cosmetic solution to look your best.  One of the options available from your dentist in Laredo that will help you accomplish this is called Zoom Whitening. In just one hour, we use a specially formatted whitening gel and low-intensity lighting to help your teeth get 6-10 shades whiter and brighter than they were before! What a better way to meet Mr. or Mrs. Someone with your friend than looking (on average) ten years younger than you do now, all because your smile is vibrant and stain free!


If you have a slightly larger time window, say a half a year, dental implants may be one way for you to spruce up that smile by filling in any missing teeth. Treatments like dentures are being quickly replaced by this treatment that gives patients the most natural feeling and looking solution to tooth loss ever before seen. It works by placing a titanium based root in the spot of the missing tooth, allowing it to heal and bind to the surrounding tissue, then being topped with a natural looking fake crown tooth. Thanks to this amazing technology, you can have your beautiful, full smile back and ready to show off in no time.


Though these are just two examples of cosmetic dental treatments with typical time frames attached to them, your dentist in Laredo offers many more solutions that can help transform any smile into one you will love for a lifetime.


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