Dentist Laredo Top Ways to Whiten

Dentist in Laredo on Whitening Naturally

While Dr. Zuniga, your dentist in Laredo, offers the top-of-the-line Zoom whitening options for patients in the office, she understands that not every patient may have the time to make it in office for treatment. Even though Zoom whitening treatment is specifically known for whitening the teeth to the brightest shades in the shortest amount of time, the desire to maintain a bright smile remains well past the hours our office may keep.

So- are you looking for a way to whiten your smile naturally, at home? Well, you are in luck, because today we have provided a few of the most efficient ways in which you can do so!


Monitor Your Diet:

As consumers of certain products, we really can overlook the negative impact items may have on our smiles, even if we feel nothing is really wrong. Many common household dietary choices, such as coffee, tea, certain sauces and foods contain dark pigments that can be staining your teeth. As a general rule of thumb, if it can do some damage to your white shirt you are wearing- imagine that on your teeth. Your dentist in Laredo suggests adding fruits and vegetables to your diet to boost a number of mouth-saving vitamins you are getting, and also to scrub away some stains with naturally fibrous options like broccoli.


Quit Your Vice:

Coffee and tea may not be the only things you ingest or utilize daily that can stain your teeth- try looking at your vices. Cigarettes and other tobacco products can stain the teeth with nicotine and tar, and also dehydrate the mouth- which can lead to greater oral health damage. Alcohol also can stain the teeth with its darker pigments, and also has been known to lead to a case of dry mouth or two. Neither of which, of course, are great for not just your oral, but your overall health.


Brush Those Teeth:

And, well, floss too! Partaking in a daily regimen helps remove the bacteria and particles from the surface and between the teeth that can cause not only discoloration but decay and disease as well. Brush twice and floss once daily to keep that bright smile intact as long as it can stay!


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