Dentist Laredo Tongue Scrapers to the Rescue

Dentist in Laredo Praises the Efforts of Tongue Scraping


What is tongue scraping you may ask? Think of it like brushing your teeth, but for your tongue! When you sleep, your digestive system remains awake, and it’s constantly removing toxins from your body by depositing them onto the surface of your tongue. Every time you eat, you leave behind particles on your tongue as well. Dental research has found that tongue scraping is effective at removing these leftover food particles that cause plaque build-up and bacteria.


Cleaning your tongue can help to improve your oral health by eliminating leftover food particles and bacteria. Many times, tongue scraping can help to curve and sometimes even cure halitosis, which is simply bad breath. Especially given that many times bad breath comes from the bacteria on the back of the tongue that may be too hard to reach with a toothbrush.


By removing the bacteria and toxins on your tongue, you’ll promote protection against periodontal problems, plaque build-up, tooth decay, loss of teeth, gum infections, and gum recession. Many toothbrushes now come with a tongue scraper on the backside of the brush. You’ll notice it to be a rougher area that lifts up bacteria and food debris. There is also tongue scraping tools that are bent in a “U” shape. This “U” shaped flat piece of metal is usually long and thin. By dragging it across your tongue, you’ll also scrape away any bacteria or leftover food particles. Just make sure you open wide, so you don’t hit your teeth with the scraper! Always rinse and clean after each scraping or else you’ll just be adding to the bacteria and plaque build-up on the tongue. Always rinse with an alcohol-free mouth rinse after each scrape so that you can properly remove the lifted bacteria from your mouth.


And that’s it! You’ll be one step closer to a cleaner mouth and fresher breath, and it only takes a few extra minutes. Don’t forget the most important part of your oral health care, which are bi-annual checkups from your dentist in Laredo. Give us a call to make an appointment today at (956) 717-8899.