Dentist Laredo Tips to Reduce Stains on Teeth

Reduce Stains with Teeth Whitening in Laredo TX

Staining of the teeth can be brought on by a variety of circumstances. By indulging in red wines, coffee, certain teas and more, our pearly whites can shift over time to shades we would rather not see. And although our office offers amazing cosmetic dentistry options such as teeth whitening in Laredo TX to help solve your staining problems, you would think there have to be more “natural options” as well, right? Today we have assembled some foods, drinks, and other solutions to add to your every day that could help remove, or reduce, stains on teeth.


For such a simple device, the almighty bendy straw can be a great help in removing teeth stains from the equation. By sipping beverages through a straw, you can bypass the teeth altogether, lowering risk for staining. With regard to the sheer color of beverages, it can mean a lot too. By adding milk to a dark tea or coffee, you can help break up some of the harsh, dark pigments in it and reduce staining ability. Adding hard cheeses and raw or crunchy vegetables during your day can also not only add enamel protecting nutrients to the teeth, but can also help “brush” the teeth naturally.


Water also proves to be a huge supporter of reducing stains on the teeth. For patients who enjoy 

their cup of tea daily, try hot water with lemon and spices such as cumin, coriander and more instead. Even by following up your cup of tea with this hot water and lemon alternative, or by rinsing with water in general after having dark, potentially staining drinks…you could see reduction and prevention of stains.


Of course brushing, flossing and using mouthwash after digesting potentially staining substances can assist as well, but are not always easy to complete in public or on-the-go.


Make sure to take these dietary decisions in mind, as well as exploring options such as teeth 

whitening in Laredo TX to ensure the vibrancy of your teeth stays strong for years to come.


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