Dentist Laredo Tiny Beads, Tons of Trouble

Dentist in Laredo Says "Beware of these Beads"

By now, most patients of your dentist in Laredo, as well as most consumers, have come across the little “beads” that can be found in whitening toothpaste, body scrubs and more. While these polyethylene beads have been approved and deemed safe/non-toxic by the FDA, a number of health professionals and researchers have a “beef” with these beads.


To start, your dentist in Laredo can find shards of these beads in between patient’s teeth and at the gumline. Since they are not biodegradable, they do not disintegrate over time like stuck food would. This means that bacteria, plaque, and other things can gather on top of or around these beads, leading to serious dental detriment. We have seen gum disease and infections result from long-term inflammation due to stuck objects in the teeth, amongst other complications. It is sort of ironic because you brush your teeth to get RID of issues like this, not add more.


Another place that researchers are seeing trouble with these beads is in the environment. The beads have to go somewhere, right?! They get flushed down the sink, toilets, and showers and end up in our global water supply- which is already polluted with too much plastic to fathom. Not only can this impact the poor sea life that don’t have any other means of protection, but it can all come back around to negatively affect humans as well.


As a result of these objections from all sorts of communities, many major companies that utilize these beads have stopped already or have pledged to stop using them within the next year or so. It is a big step, but you have to wonder if the damage has been done already?


While the idea of getting a whiter smile thanks to a toothpaste, cleaner pores thanks to a face wash and other options including these beads- it goes to show that it is always good to know your products you use. Even if the FDA passed through some substances, the repercussions for not only your health but of your children and the world could be a greater consideration to make.


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