Dentist Laredo The Mouth Says it All

Dentist in Laredo Knows There’s More to Dental Hygiene Than Your Teeth

It’s pretty obvious that when you visit your dentist in Laredo we are looking at your teeth in order to ensure you’re maintaining good oral health care. But what if we told you that we’re not only looking at your teeth, but also your mouth as a whole?


A patient’s lips and tongue may also valuable oral health information to your dentist’s assessment of your teeth. Some of the more subtle irregularities that your dentist in Laredo may be looking for are cracked, chapped or even swollen lips. Many patients with diabetes show signs of excessively cracked lips while patients with Crohn’s disease often experience overly swollen lips. A few dental related diseases that may be apparent outside the mouth are burning mouth syndrome, herpes, cold sores or cleft lip.  Although your dentist can not provide a treatment or diagnosis for everything including diabetes or Crohn’s disease, it’s warning signs like these that encourage patients to take the first step to seeking further medical attention.  


Beyond the lips and tongue indicating overall health, they are also an important factor in your dental treatment plan. Your dentist in Laredo considers how thin or thick your lips are, how high your smile line is and how much your buccal corridor is seen when you smile whenever we are planning cosmetic procedures or oral surgeries. The lesson here is that nothing should be overlooked or considered insignificant when it comes to overall health. Sometimes the most subtle details are hiding clues to our overall health.