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Laredo Dentist on Dental Definition

Patient education is essential in the eyes of your Laredo dentist. And while we may not be able to give you the comprehensive education we have gained in our years of study and practice within the time you are in our office- we will do our best! If you have questions about the procedures we are suggesting for you…need more information on at-home care and more: we have you covered.


It just so happens that in the transference of this information, sometimes we may throw a few “high dental words” in the conversation. We’ve all heard it happen and are all guilty of it to an extent. You get comfortable talking to someone about their treatment and the word “edentulous” slips in there…which means “having lost most or all of the teeth,” by the way.


Of course, we would never do this to make you feel uncomfortable- it’s just our lingo! After spending so many nights restless studying about “amalgam” and “prophylaxis”- it can just come out in regular conversations sometimes, even years later.


In your Laredo dentist’s best attempt to further your potential oral health education, we wanted to share the following Dental Glossary with you today. It goes over definitions to several words and concepts we may discuss with other oral health care professionals that you may catch wind of as well: Click Here for More.


If you get to know your “occlusal” from your “malocclusion” or not- schedule your next appointment with your Laredo dentist by calling our office today at (956) 717-8899.