Dentist Laredo Snacking Hurts!

Dentist Laredo Location Explains Why Snacking throughout the Day is More Harmful


It’s understandable that people may need a quick snack to hold them over until lunch time. What’s troubling is what people are snacking on and how it’s harming their teeth more than they may think. Many quick and convenient snacks are bad for your teeth and overall health, whether it’s potato chips or pretzels. Remember, just because it’s quick and easy doesn’t mean it’s good for you. People may indulge in snacking a lot, thinking that since it’s a small portion, then it won’t harm their oral health, but your dentist Laredo location is here to tell you why snacking can be dangerous for your teeth.


When people think of snacking, they usually think a small bag of chips, pretzels, dried fruits, chocolate bars—the list goes on. Unfortunately, including a snack between each major meal of the day, especially snacks that are so full of sugar, will cause more damage over time to your teeth. The reason we’re supposed to only eat three major meals a day is because it gives our teeth time to recuperate in between each. The sugar and acidity from your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are breaking down the protective minerals that cover your enamel. If you begin eating snacks after your breakfast, then you’re unable to allow those protective minerals to recreate with your saliva, letting your enamel continue being attacked by bacteria.


As your tooth enamel is attacked, it slowly but surely begins to wear away, exposing your dentin. When damaging foods and drinks come in contact with your dentin, then you’re susceptible to discoloration and tooth decay. If this harmful snacking continues, then your teeth continue to grow at a greater risk of falling out.


It’s important to keep your teeth clean after eating, but over-brushing your teeth can be harmful, too. The chemicals in toothpaste can turn your teeth and gums very sensitive, along with your gums becoming tender and even swollen if they’re continuously being brushed. Brushing and flossing in the morning and night are highly recommended, but it won’t hurt to brush your teeth one more time after lunch. Over-brushing is very dangerous and can hinder your day-to-day activities.


If you’re unable to resist snacking, contact your dentist Laredo location to learn about other foods that you could snack on without causing damage to your teeth. Call this number (956) 717-8899 or click here to request an appointment today.