Dentist Laredo Progression of Dentistry

Laredo Cosmetic Dentist Provides History of Dentistry


Having a healthy smile goes back much further than one may think! Today, thousands of people have the option to improve their dental health by making a cleaning appointment that only lasts about an hour for a minimum of twice a year. But back in the times of Ancient Origins and the Middle Ages, natives didn’t have the same kind of technology that we do in order to protect their teeth. Your Laredo cosmetic dentist explains a few of the early instances of dentistry discovered.


Around 2600 BC was the first time that a person was identified as a dentist. Hesy-Re, an Egyptian scribe, had an inscription on his tomb that claimed he “dealt with teeth and of physicians.” Before this, there is no known instance of another person claiming to identify in such a profession.


Popular philosophers Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about dentistry around 500 BC, including the treatment of decay, the process of extraction, and the use of wires to stabilize loose teeth.


Learn more about the history of dentistry from the American Dental Association, like how it became a profession in the Middle Ages and how we’ve progressed to where we are now! But don’t forget to schedule an appointment to brighten your smile with your Laredo cosmetic dentist by calling our office at (956) 717-8899 today.