Dentist Laredo Myths of Mouthwash

Dentist in Laredo Solves Your Swishing

While not an absolute essential part of your daily oral health regimen, adding mouthwash can surely be beneficial. Amongst the various types of mouthwash that exist on the market, a majority of them focus on eliminating bacteria from the mouth and all help loosen up leftover food particles- so that only can help in keeping your mouth fresh.


However, questions can arise from our patients about the usage of at-home oral health aids, and mouthwash is often one of the topics of conversation. In order to clear up some of the most common “myths” about mouthwash, today your dentist in Laredo will be addressing the top 3 we hear about.


Mouthwash is a Cure for Bad Breath

Mouthwash definitely does reduce some malodor your breath may be suffering from, but depending on the cause, is usually temporary. While a main cause of bad breath may be something simple, like your diet, other causes can include tooth decay and chronic dry mouth. Certain varieties of mouthwash may aim to tackle issues like these, but sometimes the only permanent cure can be a visit to your dentist in Laredo for assessment and treatment.


All Mouthwashes Are Created Equal

Speaking of the different varieties, mouthwash is not necessarily a “one size fits all” game anymore. It used to just be a matter if you liked the taste of the yellow or green one better, but now many boast other advantages too. From teeth whitening to helping with a dry mouth or eliminating a certain percentage of bacteria- different types mean different ingredients. Of course every patient is more susceptible to reactions and the like from varying ingredients- so seeing what our office recommends for you specifically first is the best idea.


The More You Swish, The Less You Can Brush

With the other myths, we were able to kind of sit on the fence, but this one is a big NO. As mentioned earlier, mouthwash can help loosen up and swish away some of the harmful bacteria or lingering particles between the teeth- but does not replace the power of your regimen altogether. Use mouthwash sparingly (to avoid dry mouth) and alongside your brushing and flossing for the best results.


For any other questions about the products, you use at home to maintain your amazing smile or to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Laredo- call our office today at (956) 717-8899.