Dentist Laredo Keeping Those Bristles Clean

Dentist in Laredo Explains Importance of a Clean Toothbrush

Using your toothbrush daily helps to promote a clean mouth and healthy lifestyle, not only benefitting you but those you associate with. But how do you keep something that is meant to sanitize the dirtiest part of the human body in tip-top shape? Your Dentist in Laredo has the answer on how to make that brush pristine in order to keep your teeth super clean.


To rinse your brush with hot water before and after brushing, while combing through the bristles with a finger is a step most of us commit to already out of habit. Hot water kills the bacteria and the finger movement can get any sticky contaminants or deep seated bacteria from the brush’s bristles.


When finished with that, storage of the brush is also a very important consideration. A successful toothbrush holder should be upright and well ventilated, as well as not making contact with any other surfaces. This will avoid cross-contamination, let it dry properly and help deter further germ growth. Be sure to clean the bottom of your holder to remove any extra “gunk” (bacteria) that has built up, as frequently as possible.


If you brush two times a day, as suggested by your Dentist in Laredo, the “wear and tear” done to the brush should be enough to justify buying a new one about every month or so. But if we are being honest- we don’t all brush two times daily, seven days a week. If that is the case, at the least you should replace the brush every three to four months to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of the tool.


Make sure not to use other people’s brushes and to clean yours a little bit more than usual when you are sick to keep your brush at its best.


Sometimes in the complex nature of all that we do in life, a toothbrush can feel a bit small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you feel your brush has gotten the better of you and need to make an appointment, please contact your Dentist in Laredo at (956) 717-8899.