Dentist Laredo Indicative Dental Symptoms

Dentist in Laredo on Signs to Watch Out For

A variety of paths can lead a patient to their dentist in Laredo. Many times appointments are initiated due to specific dental problems and symptoms we may suffer from at home, only to have them relieved permanently in office.


And while these symptoms may arise or ultimately impact every patient a little bit differently- typically there is enough common ground that diagnosis can become routine. This similarity in signs and symptoms is what allows dentistry to be studied and practice so efficiently, and for our treatments to be effective as well.


With all of this mind- today your dentist in Laredo will be taking a look at three common dental issues that may be a sign that something greater could be on the horizon:


Bleeding Gums

Most patients will discover their gums are bleeding while they are brushing their teeth or flossing. The gums can become inflamed over time and start to bleed due to a buildup of bacteria and particles, which most likely stems from not flossing or brushing enough. Although stepping your regimen up at home could prevent this, bleeding gums could also be an indicator that gum disease is forming. In its more serious stages, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, structural or tissue damage- amongst other whole body health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes.


Oral Sores

A patient may experience oral sores from something as simple as a bite of the cheek to something more “internalized” like a cold sore or canker sore. Unfortunately, these types of more “innocent” sores and ones that could be indicative of something like oral cancer may not be the easiest to differentiate. If you have any sore that lasts more than a week and doesn’t seem to be improving, make an appointment with your dentist in Laredo as soon as you can.


Sensitive Teeth

One of the most struggled with issues around the world, sensitive teeth often occur as the result of a lifetime of sugary and acidic diets eating away at the teeth, leaving nerves exposed. Besides this, they could also be indicative of gum disease, gum recession or fractures forming in the teeth, all of which need their own specific form of treatment sooner rather than later.


To schedule an appointment with your dentist in Laredo concerning any of the above symptoms or more, call our office today at (956) 717-8899.