Dentist Laredo If You're Feeling Sensitive...

Laredo Dentist on Stopping Sensitivity

Do you suffer from the sting of sensitive teeth like so many of the patients of your Laredo Dentist? Every day Dr. Zuniga treats patients who have a throbbing sensation in their mouth every time they are exposed to hot, cold or other stimuli- and must create a treatment plan that suits that patient right.


For those with sensitive teeth- they know it is not only hot or cold that can trigger the pain- but a whole slew of issues. Like, take beverages or foods that are highly acidic for instance. Or what about brushing your teeth a little too hard? Even breathing in cool air can make those with teeth sensitivity wince a little bit too.


For a complete list containing a few more habits and items to avoid while you are dealing with sensitive teeth, you can review the following article located here.


If any of the above stimuli is triggering sensitive teeth pain and you are seeking relief- contact your Laredo dentist today for an appointment! We can be reached at (956) 717-8899.