Dentist Laredo How Saliva Serves Us

Dentist in Laredo on The Secrets of Saliva

As a dentist in Laredo, we often see patients who deal with issues relating to a constant dry mouth and seemingly low production of saliva. We understand that not only can this dryness be a nuisance and cosmetically inconvenient, but want you to know it can lead to whole-mouth damage as well. The following blog was created to help inform you on the process of salivation, the benefits, and what to do if your flow is running low.


Saliva plays a crucial role in your mouth health by helping to perform several tasks daily. Every time you eat or drink, no matter how vigorously you clean your teeth afterwards, some particles are going to be left behind. What saliva can do is help break down and digest these particles, so that they do not cling to teeth and assist in forming cavities or decay. Saliva can even help protect the tissues and cells lining our mouth…cells that defend our bodies from harmful toxins we may ingest, such as tobacco or alcohol, so that they may do less damage. Additionally, saliva helps us speak and digest our meals easier while also allowing us to battle bad breath naturally.


When it comes to production, you have certain glands in your mouth that automatically produce saliva for you, which levels of activity peak at certain times more than others. If you are not naturally producing saliva frequently enough, there are a few dietary devices you can try turning to. By adding lemon juice or sugar-free gum with xylitol to your diet, you could find saliva flow increasing. Drinking water also allows for saliva production to increase and even simulates many of the benefits of it as well.


If you are having dry mouth issues and none of the above solutions are working for you, perhaps a visit to your dentist in Laredo is in order. Call (956) 717-8899 to make an appointment today!