Dentist Laredo Food that Won't Damage Your Teeth

Dentist in Laredo Gives You Some Great Foods That Are Good for Oral Health


There are so many foods that are bad for your oral health that it makes people wonder if there is anything to eat that is good for your teeth. Either these foods are difficult to find, or maybe they’re just not as exciting as BBQ ribs, but your Dentist in Laredo has a list of foods that your teeth may thank you for!


Fresh Fruit & Veggies
While fruit does have a lot of sugar, it’s natural and adds a lot of nutrients to your body. Plus, there are many fruits that are watery on the inside, like watermelon, grapes and apples, so it can even help if you have dry mouth and are having a hard time producing saliva. For tough exterior fruits like apples, it’s better to cut them up into smaller pieces so your teeth won’t be doing so much work. When it comes to veggies, they don’t have as much sugar as fruits, which make them a better alternative. Plus, there are many vegetables that you can easily toss into your salad to make it fresh and exciting!


Plain Yogurt
Okay, this is where people might start to lose interest. Of course plain yogurt isn’t fun, but you have so much room to be creative to make it fun! Buying yogurts that already have “fruit” in them may be a little processed with an excess amount of sugar, which isn’t doing you much of a favor. Add your own fresh fruit to make it better with natural flavors.


Nuts have a large amount of protein and nutrients that are beneficial for your body, and can also be added to that plain yogurt for more excitement. Fresh peanuts are better for you than just plain peanut butter because of the added sugar inside of it. And when you eat certain nuts, make sure you’re not cracking them open with your teeth because that can easily chip one!


There are several other foods and snacks that are good for your oral health in which you can explore your options for a new diet. If you’re interesting in finding out other foods that will benefit your teeth, don’t hesitate to contact your Dentist in Laredo at this number (956) 717-8899 or make an appointment here today!