Dentist Laredo Eliminate Stress for a Healthy Smile

Dentist in Laredo Discusses how Stress can Damage Your Teeth


Dealing with stress isn’t easy, but nobody ever said it was! Unfortunately, getting stressed raises more risks to your health than you may think. Researchers have shown that, over the years, Americans are beginning to feel more stressed now than they did in previous years and their stress percentage is much higher. This is why your dentist in Laredo is here to share what could happen to oral and dental care if you’re experiencing extreme stress.


Dry Mouth
Many people don’t think too much about what’s happening to them when they’re experiencing dry mouth—only that it’s an uncomfortable feeling. While this is certainly true, dry mouth can be a huge danger to your teeth if it’s constantly ignored. Many medications have the side effect of dry mouth, including some medications that are taken solely for stress. With dry mouth, you’re at a higher risk for cavities, as well as difficulty chewing and talking.


When you’re stressed out, your immune system weakens since it’s physically reacting to the mental stress you’re going through. With a weak immune system, you’re at a higher risk for oral infections. Stress will also cause people not to eat as well as they should, finding comfort in junk foods. But it’s important to not let your stress affect your diet since that will also lower your immune system and put your smile into further danger.


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