Dentist Laredo Don't Ignore the Pain!

Dentist Laredo TX Discusses Importance of Addressing Dental Pain


There have been moments that you’ve been eating or drinking and a dull pain comes throbbing in your teeth. While these times are certainly annoying, the pain can fade, but it’s important to remember that it’s not going forever and can return at any time. Not all toothaches are “just toothaches” and your dentist Laredo TX location wants you to know what your dental pain could be and why you should see a dentist no matter what!


The reason for a toothache is usually do to whatever food or drink you’ve consumed that has reached the nerve of your tooth. This may be due to cavities, which cause small holes in your mouth. That sensitive, stinging feeling, while irritating, is your teeth telling you to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Many foods and drinks have high amounts of acidity, which breaks down your enamel (the protective layer of each tooth), and makes it possible for bacteria and maybe even plaque to form, if not properly taken care of.


Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is another possible reason for your teeth to be in pain. This can also affect your entire jaw area because of the aggressive moment that your mouth is doing. Bruxism usually occurs when people are asleep, so they’re unaware of what’s causing this pain. Over time, teeth grinding can lead to visual damage, like the wearing down, cracking, or loosening of the teeth. This can be displeasing to a person because they may be embarrassed by the way their teeth look. If you’ve woken up several times with a majority of your mouth and jaw being sore, talk to your dentist about a mouth guard that will protect your teeth while you sleep.


There can be further, serious issues that are in relation to your toothaches and you may not be aware of it! That’s why it’s important not to ignore these warning flags from your teeth and to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can. Contact your dentist Laredo TX location by calling this number or requesting an appointment here to learn more about your toothaches and what the next steps are to get rid of the pain.