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Durable, elegant, and unforgettable, your smile is capable of enhancing your personality and above all, enhancing and enriching your life on many levels.


Porcelain veneers are thin custom made shells that cover the front surface of your tooth to improve their appearance. They are made of  durable and lifelike porcelain and are bonded in place to improve the color of teeth that have been worn down or stained. Alternatively, they can be used to improve the shape or size of the tooth as well. With bonded porcelain veneers in place, patients can expect straighter, whiter teeth that look very natural. Once  bonded well to your teeth, they are very durable, leading to long-lasting, successful beautiful restorations.



Dr. Maya Guerra-Zuniga is using the latest, minimally invasive techniques which preserve a lot of your natural tooth structure in making your dental veneers. These conservative techniques and beautiful durable porcelain lead to dentistry that produces life-like, radiant, and natural results. Within a few weeks, you can have your veneers that restore the smile you've enjoyed for years or totally transform it into the smile you have always wanted right here in Laredo.


Dr. Zuniga is very well versed in cosmetic procedures and has many, many hours of intense training in restorative and cosmetic dentistry at various institutes throughout the country, spending countless hours perfecting her skills to  give you the best results. Her dental veneer technique is a modern approach, preserving much of your tooth structure, unlike old-fashioned ways of practically grinding your teeth down  without needing to, leading to failure. She also utilizes some of the best and most highly regarded laboratories with master ceramists creating your porcelain veneers, which makes a big difference in the ultimate esthetic result. With Dr. Maya's dental  veneers, you  will get both esthetics and function built into your restorations to last a very long time. All these things must be taken into consideration when taking the big  step in trusting your dentist with your smile. We will be glad to do a complimentary consultation to show you what exactly goes into the process of dental veneers. Call us at (956) 717-8899.


Give yourself a lifetime gift: a brilliant, beautiful smile with porcelain dental veneers from Dr. Maya Guerra-Zuniga's office in Laredo, Texas. Call our office today for a FREE cosmetic consultation.


Dental Veneers Laredo TX


When should you consider dental veneers?

  1. Your teeth are stained or discolored

  2. Your teeth are crooked or misshapen

  3. Your teeth have spaces between them

  4. Your teeth are broken or chipped


How it's Done

When performing any kind of cosmetic procedure it is very important to first plan the case properly. Dr.  Maya Guerra-Zuniga  will discuss with you what you want to accomplish and will make suggestions as well. They will look at not just the shape and position of your teeth but the gum tissue as well. If significant changes are planned, they will first take impressions and do a "waxup". All proposed changes will be made first on a model in wax so that you can see and approve the changes. Two visits to your dentist are typically required for porcelain veneers.


At the first visit, three important steps are completed. Although much more conservative than a porcelain crown, teeth that are to receive porcelain veneers still need to be reduced. This allows room for the porcelain. Generally, no more than 1/2 mm of the tooth is removed although more may be necessary depending on the situation. In select cases, porcelain veneers can be made without any reduction of your natural tooth. This needs to be carefully evaluated because placing a veneer over a tooth which has not been prepared can result in a tooth that is too fat or bulky and may not look natural. Once the teeth have been properly prepared, an impression is taken of your teeth which will be sent to a laboratory to fabricate the veneers. Finally, temporary veneers will be placed. These temporary veneers will protect your teeth while the permanent veneers are being made. Most importantly, if changes are to be made to the shape and size of your teeth, the temporary veneers will be made to replicate these changes. This gives you another opportunity to approve the changes and "tweak" the changes as necessary.


All this information will be communicated to the lab. At the second visit, the temporary veneers will be removed. The new porcelain veneers will then be tried in, adjusted and bonded in place.


dental veneers laredo tx