Dentist Laredo Dental Bridge Basics

Laredo Cosmetic Dentist on Bridging the Gap

There are a slew of ways for a patient to end up losing a tooth or teeth. Not only is the gap in the teeth rather unsightly, but it can be very detrimental to your overall oral health as well. Besides the uneven bite you get from the gap, which can be a huge problem by itself, you can also see issues with teeth shifting, increased teeth stress or even loss of structure or of other teeth. To prevent these issues and amend the original tooth loss, dental bridges have been a common “go-to” for quite some time now. Your Laredo cosmetic dentist is a frequent utilizer of dental bridges, and is here to describe some uses and benefits.


Dental bridges are definitely more aesthetically pleasing than a hole in between your teeth. Since bridges involve the surrounding teeth as well, the ability to put porcelain crowns on them (used to anchor the bridge) also means that a natural looking, stain resistant finish will now be visible. By adding the crowns that are typically needed as this support, you are strengthening teeth that could be potentially damaged as well.


Many patients enjoy the fact that bridges are not removable. You do not need to worry about losing it or dropping and breaking it, as may occur with dentures. There are some particular cleaning instructions to follow in-coordination with this permanence, but nothing too tremendous.


The less invasive and quick nature of installing the bridge is also a big benefit. In (typically) just two appointments, you can have your bridge and accompanying crowns all set in place and ready to go. This process is much quicker than say, a dental implant, which can also be more invasive. Implants may take several surgical procedures, involving heavier sedation and recovery time, and may not be an option for all patients, where a bridge is much more likely to be.


For additional information on types of bridges and steps of the procedure, you may visit our procedural page concerning them. If you still have questions or would like to visit your Laredo cosmetic dentist to see if a bridge is the right option for you, call (956) 717-8899 today!