Dentist Laredo Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Laredo Dentist Shows Ways to Protect Your Teeth from Sensitivity


Having a stinging pain in your mouth after you eat or drink something at an extreme temperature is usually caused by that food or drink coming in contact with the root of your tooth. The reason for this contact is because your tooth enamel, the surface of your teeth that’s working to protect the center, has worn down, causing the tooth roots to be exposed. Although this can be a common occurrence, patients shouldn’t get used to this pain! Below, your Laredo dentist will discuss what causes your enamel to wear down and ways to reduce sensitivity.


Although it may seem difficult, it’s quite simple to damage your tooth enamel. Simple ignorance of lacking to brush and floss your teeth can wear down your enamel because you’re not properly taking care of your oral hygiene. Foods and drinks with high amounts of sugar and acidity easily wear down the strength of your teeth. Sensitive teeth should be addressed to your dentist, no matter what. The pain can be a signal for something else wrong!


Not only can sensitivity be caused by worn enamel, but other issues, too. If your teeth are suffering from chips, cracks, breaks, or cavities, they’re susceptible to sensitivity from eating, drinking, and even cold temperatures outdoors.


Thankfully, there are ways to protect or subside the sensitivity so you’re able to endure the pain. Your dentist may recommend some of these temporary solutions:

· Toothpaste to limit sensitivity: These can help block the pain and work with your teeth instead of against them.

· Bonding: If the root of your teeth is exposed, applying bonding resin to the surface will protect the root. This is a procedure done by your dentist.

· Fluoride: Fluoride is used in many types of toothpaste to strengthen the surface of your enamel. Your dentist is able to apply this fluoride directly to your teeth and also give you a prescription to apply at home, depending on how exposed your roots are.


If you’re suffering from sensitivity, contact your Laredo dentist by calling our office at (956) 717-8899 or clicking here to request an appointment.