Dentist Laredo Dangers of DIY Dentistry

Dentist in Laredo on NOT Doing it Yourself

Over the years, your dentist in Laredo has seen patients turn to certain at-home remedies in order to fix their teeth. And while these methods can be wildly innovative in creative thinking, they mostly are ultimately dangerous and should not be attempted. Today we will be looking at a few of the common “tools” and methods of DIY dentistry.


By giving a quick search on YouTube, one may find all sorts of means of which patients will turn to at-home orthodontics to avoid the dentist. One of the most dangerous means we have seen include using what is virtually an elastic hairband to close gaps in teeth. Some patients will indeed show a quick progress in their teeth being straightened, but at what cost? Pulling the teeth together at a quick pace can often uproot the teeth, and leave the patients with not only their teeth eventually drifting back into misalignment but potentially falling out. Take into consideration the decade or so that orthodontists practice and study medicine after high school, and the years and years their techniques have been studied before attempting this at home.


A most popular method for a quick tooth fix includes mending chipped or broken teeth with glues and substances of all varieties. This list includes super glue, which is toxic, waxes, chewing gum, and even using the children’s toy play-dough to temporarily mend a tooth. If you can’t make it to your dentist in Laredo to help permanently fix your tooth, and you really must, non-toxic glue like Elmers can temporarily hold the tooth in place. Try to hold on to as many shards of the tooth as possible and soak them in milk, no water, before your appointment.


Your dentist in Laredo appreciates the do-it-yourself mentality. For some gardening, the arts, maybe even some small plumbing problems. But for issues that professionals spend lifetimes studying and working at with means that have been in place for years and utilized worldwide? It is often best to leave it to a professional.


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