Dentist Laredo Curing TMJ

Laredo Family Dentist on Jaw Pain and Disorders

Your Laredo Family Dentist, Dr. Maya Guerra-Zuniga, has had many patients that have problems with their jaw. Many feel a painful sensation when they open and close their mouths to chew and talk. Often these patients will be diagnosed with Temporomandibular Disorder.


What is temporomandibular disorder?


Temporomandibular Disorder, also known as TMJ, is a disorder in which the joint of the jaw and the muscles attached do not function properly. It is often painful and uncomfortable for people with this condition.


How can you relieve pain cause by TMJ?


Your Laredo family dentist knows of several different ways to relieve some of the pain caused by TMJ. There are both surgical and nonsurgical methods.


One of the nonsurgical methods is physical therapy. This method helps to relieve pain caused from TMH by relaxing the muscles and boosting the array of motion in the jaw join. Doing stretching exercises to your mouth on a daily basis can help to heal TMJ by strengthening the muscles.


Another recommendation from your Laredo Family Dentist is to try consuming soft foods only. Soft foods are easier to eat and they put less pressure and create less work for your jaw. Not to mention, eating hard foods can cause more damage and more pain.


If these methods do not work you can always contact your Laredo family dentist to learn more about surgical options. You can even try having a custom-made bite guard created by your Laredo family dentist. This helps to relax the muscles a bit and can be extremely helpful is bruxism, or grinding your teeth, is a problem for you.


No matter which option you choose, if you think you may suffer from TMJ, be sure to contact your Laredo family dentist. Dr. Guerra-Zuniga can provide your with various treatment optionsw and can help you choose the best one.


To schedule an appointment or to learn more about TMJ treatment options, call (956) 717-8899.