Dentist Laredo Caring for Your Dentures

How to Care for Your Dentures from a Laredo Dentist

If you’ve recently received dentures from your Laredo dentist, you’re going to need to know how to care for them. Proper denture care is important for both the health of your dentures and your mouth. Plus, you’ve properly invested quite a bit of money into your dentures, so you’re going to want them to last  a long time. The following tips will help patients to properly care for their dentures and their mouth!


Handle dentures with great care

As soon as you remove your dentures from your mouth, whether it’s to clean them or if you sleep without them, you’re going to want to handle them with care. Avoid accidentally dropping them by standing over a folded towel or full sink of water when handling them. Any excessive force that can be caused by dropping them on the floor could potentially damage your dentures.


Brush and rinse dentures daily

Just as you need to brush teeth daily, dentures should also be cleaned and brushed daily. However, you don’t want to use regular toothpaste because of its abrasive texture which can create microscopic scratches on your dentures where food and plaque can build up. Brushing your dentures helps to remove food and plaque and it also prevents stains. A soft bristle brush that is specifically designed for dentures works best. Gently brush all surfaces of the dentures while avoiding damage to the plastic or bend attachments. In between brushings, you should also rinse your dentures after every meal. 


Use a denture cleaner

Since you won’t be able to use toothpaste on your dentures, you’ll need to get a denture cleaner. Either hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid can be used for cleaning dentures. Avoid using bleach, as this may whiten the pink portions of the denture. Ultrasonic cleansers can be purchased for denture care as well. These cleaners are small devices which contain a cleaning solution and act as a bathtub for your dentures. A sound wave inside these ultrasonic cleaners creates a movement that helps to dislodge any undesirable deposits from your dentures. However, you should still brush your dentures daily in addition to ultrasonic cleansers.


Care for them even when you’re not wearing them

Dentures need to be kept moist at all times so that they do not dry out and lose their shape. When you are not wearing them, they should be placed in a denture cleanser soaking solution or in water. However, if the denture has any metal attachments, the attachments could tarnish if placed in water. All dentures should never be placed in hot water, as this can cause them to warp.


If you have any questions or concerns about your new dentures, please do not hesitate to give your Laredo dentist a call at (956) 717-8899.