Dentist Laredo Battle Sugary Beverages

Dentist in Laredo Talks Too Sweet Sips

Your dentist in Laredo treats patients daily who suffer the consequences of long-term exposure to unhealthy dietary choices. One of the most common culprits we find as a cause to these issues are sugary beverages. No matter if it is a soda, sports drink or fruit juice- it carries the ability to be detrimental to you teeth.


Many of these drinks contain sugar contents way above your daily dietary recommended intake. It is not uncommon to see several tablespoons worth in just a single can. And while proper cleanings and drinking of water after consumption can help reduce the effect of these sugars, long-term and frequent exposure can still lead to severe issues. Cavities and decay can form from the sugars in the beverages feeding bacteria that are on your teeth that eat away at enamel, the protective layer of your teeth. Once the enamel is gone, there is not a ton one can do to get the real thing back.


The way many of these companies or beverages get patients to take to their product is by advertisement…or a lack of. They will point out all the vitamins and nutrients and supplements infused in their beverage, but fail to mention the harmful sugar content because they don’t necessarily have to. Most folks think because it says “juice” or it has certain added healthy components that it is fine… yet that is not always the case.


Take diet soda for an example. While they do get a leg up because they do not contain sugars, but have artificial sweeteners instead, they still maintain high levels of acid that can wear away at the teeth. Yet, most of the time you will see consumers go towards diet soda because of that very adjective- diet.


Make sure to read all of the labels of your beverages to ensure your drinks will not cause your teeth harm in the future. It never hurts to stay with water either, which we can consider the TRUE “Diet” beverage.


If these drinks have affected your teeth at all, or if you wish to know more- please make an appointment with your dentist in Laredo by calling (956) 717- 8899 today.