Dentist Laredo Bad Dental Habits to Kick Fast

Your Dentist Laredo TX Location Wants to Help Protect Your Teeth


Practicing good dental care is key for everyday activity. Brushing your teeth twice a day, including flossing, should be done in the morning and night. If you’re completing these daily routines, then you’re on your way to great oral health! But everything you do between morning and night are also a part of taking proper care of your teeth. Dr. Maya, at your Dentist Laredo TX location, is here to give advice on quitting bad habits you may engage in.


A popular bad habit that people have when they’re out with friends having dinner and a drink is to chew on their ice cubes when they’re finished with their drinks. On top of drinking a sugar drink that is already damaging the surface of your teeth and enamel, you’re also risking chipping or breaking your teeth. You’re adding stress and pressure to your teeth, which can cause long-term negative effects to your teeth.


Opening items with your teeth is another highly damaging action. Even as something small as opening a bag of chips can be too rough on your teeth. They’re more sensitive than you may think they are, and if you’re constantly opening things like nail polish or pulling off tags on clothes, then you are probably weakening your teeth more and more.


When it comes to brushing your teeth during the day and night, make sure that you’re using a soft bristled toothbrush. They’ll be more sensitive on your teeth and you’ll be getting a better clean. If the bristles of your brush are firm and stiff, then they could be hurting your gums and even cause bleeding. Aggressive brushing can also cause bleeding.


Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can also hurt your teeth. This may not be as intentional as chewing ice and using your mouth as a tool, but it can be prevented. If you talk to your dentist about wearing a mouth guard for when you sleep, then you’re able to stop yourself from grinding and wearing down your teeth when you’re sleeping.


If you think that you may be damaging your teeth without realizing it, talk to Dr. Maya at your Dentist Laredo TX location to help you protect your oral health. Call this number (956) 717-8899 or click here to request a consultation today!