Dentist Laredo Are You Damaging Your Smile?

To Protect Patients from Unknowingly Damaging Habits, Laredo Dentist Provides List of Behaviors to Avoid


If you keep up with your oral hygiene like brushing and flossing twice a day, then congratulations! These simple steps are more than some patients do, skipping a brushing session once in a while and thinking that there won’t be any harm done. Unfortunately, over time, this can cause damage that may not come up until it’s too late. But it’s important to recognize that, even though you’re brushing and flossing, there are other ways that you can damage your teeth throughout your daily routine. Below, your Laredo dentist provides a list of examples that patients can harm their smile without them even knowing!


Teeth Grinding
This is a popular harmful habit that many patients experience, usually when they’re sleeping and unaware that they’re doing it. Stress and anxiety can also cause patients to grind their teeth. Over time, your teeth begin to wear down and physically become shorter. This can cause a great deal of self-consciousness and may need a cosmetic procedure to fix. If your dentist notices that you’ve been grinding your teeth, they’ll highly suggest you use a mouth guard while you sleep so you’re able to protect your smile.


Using Teeth as Tools
No matter if you’re opening a bag of chips or ripping a tag off of clothes, you’re putting your teeth at a huge risk of cracking, breaking, or chipping! Your teeth are only strong enough to break down foods, so putting that kind of pressure on them is a strain and can cause cosmetic damage. Leave the tools to be tools—grab some scissors!


Chewing Ice
Another popular habit that can crack, chip, break and loosen your teeth, chewing ice is a habit that people usually indulge in while out for dinner or need something to occupy themselves with. The constant cold temperatures aren’t good for your teeth, either—this can cause a toothache!


The worst habit of them all, smoking cigarettes immediately affects your oral health by giving you bad breath and over time can cause your teeth to completely fall out. The tobacco sticks to your gums and the surface of your teeth, lingering for too long that can cause a multitude of oral issues.


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