Dentist Laredo An Essential Smile

Dentist in Laredo Discusses the Benefits of Smiling

The number of ways we end up smiling are countless. Rather we are trying to look our most attractive, trying to be polite or just embarrassed ourselves- the smile can be more essential than you think. Your dentist in Laredo recognizes how important your smile is and how it can truly benefit your life if you do it more often. Here are some advantages to smiling you may or may not have ever considered before:


To start from the outside and working in…you undoubtedly always look your best when you are smiling. You can change perceptions while radiating joy and confidence with every smile you bare. Those around you who witness a genuine smile can perceive you in a more positive light, and see you for who you truly are. A single smile to the right person and the possibilities could be endless. Not to mention, in terms of sheer physicality, smiling always keeps you looking younger by flexing certain muscles in the face. This helps give you a face lift you don’t have to spend a dime for to remain your most jubilant.


Not only does a smile look great in your social media selifies, or while trying to garnish the attention of a special someone…but it can do some much for your internal workings and health. When we smile, certain hormones and endorphins are released in our body that can help improve our mood, battle stress and diminish pain. The more you smile, the more your immune system may also be able to relax. This helps greatly when a health issue does arise, for your immune system can hop into action quicker and end up leaving you as healthy as you can be.


Last but not least- though it is a cliché, smiling is in fact contagious. As it turns out, about 50% of the people you smile at, will smile back. It has to feel good knowing you are imparting all of these benefits you just learned onto someone else.


Your dentist in Laredo cares about your smile just as much as you do, and we will do everything we can to make sure it is at its absolute best for years to come. Call (956) 717-8899 or CLICK HERE to make an appointment today!