Dentist Laredo A Call for Composite

Dentist in Laredo Discusses Composite Fillings

Taking care of decay and filling cavities is an everyday priority for your dentist in Laredo. Overtime, the means of performing certain procedures can change as technology develops, and we must be at our best to stay current and utilize these new means. One of the developments worth discussing are composite fillings, though they are not brand new, in the grand scope of dental work they can be considered so. Within the last few years composite has just gotten better, and today we will compare them with the older amalgam (silver) fillings and more, below.


It is composite resin fillings unique composition that gives them so many of their unique benefits. They are made up of a mixture of a glass or quartz filler and a resin based medium, giving them the ability to be tooth-colored in appearance. Being such a natural shade, the fillings can be applied anywhere in the mouth- especially useful for highly-visible teeth.


Composite fillings also are beneficial when it comes to maintaining structure of the original teeth. Only the decayed portion of the tooth needs to be removed, compared to a much larger portion when working with amalgam fillings. Some structural issues consistent with metal and heat, such as expansion or contraction, can occur to amalgam fillings as well, making them a bit more volatile in certain situations.


Though composite does have quite a few advantages over amalgam, it does also have its disadvantages. Amalgam has proven to be longer lasting, as composite needs to typically be replaced every 7-10 years. Composite is also not typically intended for larger fillings, can cost more and is vulnerable to staining.


Just as the tooth they are substituting for, no filling is perfect. Composite fillings have made considerable progress in the years since their invention, but still do leave some room for amalgam to be a potential choice when it comes to filling cavities.


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