Dentist Laredo 3 Surprising Things that Damage Teeth

Dentist Laredo TX Advises Patients to Avoid these Bad Habits

As a dentist Laredo TX, Dr. Guerra-Zuniga has had many patients suffering from dental decay and other dental problems. If you wish to improve the health of your mouth this year, you need to do more than brush and floss.


Brushing and flossing are extremely vital to our overall health and the health of our teeth. However, just brushing and flossing isn’t enough. Your dentist in Laredo TX advises you to eat healthy too. Eating healthy can go a long way in maintaining the health of your teeth.


Many people associate sweets and sugar when the topic of cavities comes up. However, there are actually a lot of foods that are not sweet but yet are still extremely damaging to our teeth. Although something may not taste sweet, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain sugar!


Your dentist Laredo TX advises you to avoid or limit the following foods as best as possible:


1. Bread


Breads are loaded with sugar due to the yeast and carbohydrates. It may not taste sweet, but the sugar is still there. Your dentist Laredo TX recommends limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume if you wish for a healthier mouth.


You should also check the ingredients before you purchase a loaf of bread. Try to avoid ones that have added sugars.


2. Using your teeth as tools


Our teeth may work great when we need to open something but don’t have scissors handy; however, using them for these types of purposes can cause severe damage. We all do it, and many of us don’t even realize we are doing so!


Your dentist Laredo TX warns that this habit can wear down your teeth and your jaw bone. In severe cases it can also lead to a jaw bone misalignment. Try carrying around a mini pair of scissors to that you don’t automatically rely on your teeth for tools.


3. Swim with your mouth closed


Swimming pools typically contain large amounts of chlorine. Your dentist Laredo TX advises you to swim with your mouth closed in order to protect your teeth. If your teeth are exposed to the chlorine you will wear away the enamel and your teeth will be more prone to damage.


These are just some of the surprisingly harmful habits that can damage your teeth. If you’ve damaged your tooth or for information on how to strengthen your tooth contact your dentist Laredo TX by calling (956) 717-8899 to schedule an appointment.